31st Annual Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Nomination

Last week, Artemax was honored to attend the 31st Annual Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Award banquet after our nomination in early January. The WIMOTY program - sponsored by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP and Baker Tilly - is important recognition for excellence in manufacturing in the state of Wisconsin.

Why is this type of recognition so crucial? We know that for success to be a reality for us as a manufacturing business, we have to be committed to innovation, technology advancement, customer satisfaction, quality jobs, and philanthropy. Below we share our experience in receiving this distinguished nomination and how proud we are to be a manufacturer in Milwaukee. 

we love opening our doors and sharing our passion here at artemax

That’s why we were delighted to receive our nomination plaque in person and meet the individuals behind the WIMOTY program including: Leigh Price (Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce), Kevin Moran (Michael Best & Friedrich LLP), and Chad O’Brien (Baker Tilly).

Manufacturing wristbands for almost 25 years has made us experts in our industry.  But sometimes, we’re even surprised at just how much advancement we have made in our manufacturing and business practices. Providing a hands-on tour for our guests Leigh, Kevin, and Chad allowed us to demonstrate where we started so long ago, and where we’re headed.

the 2018 WIMOTY Award banquet at Pfister Hotel 

Just a few weeks after our plaque acceptance, it was already time to start preparing for the big award banquet held at the infamous Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee, WI on Feb. 21st. There are so many team members that have played an essential role in taking Artemax to the level we are at today.

As Bethany Schmid, our Business Operations Manager said, “Each department in our company plays a key role in our success and it is truly an honor to work alongside these individuals. Together, we have exceeded our goals year after year. I’m thrilled we were nominated for the WIMOTY award and I cannot wait to see how we continue to grow.”

Programs such as WIMOTY are important opportunities for our company to show support for other hard-working businesses in our industry. Aside from Artemax, there were an additional 27 other incredible Wisconsin-based businesses that were nominated. It was great to socialize with all 27 businesses, and learn what really makes our community unique.

As a nominee, we also had the chance to share our Artemax story (below) on the big screen at the WIMOTY Awards:

Although we didn’t take home an award, we walked away knowing that our nomination speaks volumes to our commitment to excellence and hard work in the years to come. 

“It takes a little luck to be good, but it takes passion and dedication to be great..."

"That’s what Artemax is all about and it’s very exciting to be a part of it.” – Patrick Nienhaus, Director of Manufacturing. This opportunity with WIMOTY has given us a terrific start to 2019 – and we can’t wait to see what 2019 holds!