Are All Wristband Companies the Same?

In short, no- not all wristband/identification solutions companies are made equal. So how do you make sure you work with the best wristband company in the industry with a proven track record? Read on as we share what we believe at Artemax to be the most important factors to consider when determining which wristband/identifications solutions company you will entrust to become a critical part of your success.

industry expertise can't be gained overnight

Artemax, Inc., along with our Wristband Resources division, has been in the wristband/identification solutions business since 1995. As a leading, world-class manufacturer of identification products and services, we partner with everyone from family-friendly parks, to music/film/art festivals, to nightlife industries, and many more.

As trends shift socially, culturally, and financially, we’ve made it a point to remain firmly by our client’s sides, consistently developing solutions that keep us ahead of the curve and able to anticipate our customer’s growing needs. Our knowledge and expertise saves you money and time, as well as solidifies your place as a frontrunner of your market/industry.

Some of organizations we service include:

No matter the specific need or priority, our decades-worth of experience guarantees you can count on us to offer the most efficient and economical solution each and every time.

Reliability is important to you - and it's important to us, too

There is no shortage of wristband or lanyard companies advertising great prices, but will they consistently deliver a quality product they firmly stand behind? Since Artemax manufactures nearly all products in our New Berlin, Wisconsin [U.S.] facility, we are hands-on from start to finish, ensuring the product you receive is of the highest standard.

We also take it one step further by promising that every stage of the wristband-buying journey is as positive as possible. But don’t take just our word for it…  here is what our customers have to say about the Artemax experience:

Here are a few more ways in which our customers have recognized how we stand out against the competition:

  • Fast production
  • Expedited shipping
  • Fair costs with no hidden fees
  • Bulk pricing discounts for large quantity orders
  • U.S. based manufacturing
  • High inventory levels of in-stock product
  • Expert customer service

customer service should be top priority

Artemax customer service stands out in a number of ways, the first of which being that we welcome the opportunity to spend time with our customers one-on-one.  We do this by employing a team of live, wristband experts based in the United States, available to answer your questions and lend their expertise to whatever needs you may have. Time and time again, we hear that having an actual person ready and willing to assist is what makes us unique, so we continue to build and offer this knowledgeable group of specialists to our customers, as we know it is the resource many seek us out for.

Our wristband experts understand you may be coming to us with minimal wristband knowledge, and that’s okay. We’re happy to discuss what specifications are important to know as you decide which wristband or lanyard option is best for you. We will work to get the best product, price, and delivery for your needs, no matter what. We’re problem solvers at heart, so whether you have a special request such as unique closures, UV imprinting or barcoding, multi-colored design, etc., we will make sure your end product is exactly what you envisioned.

not all wristband/identification solutions companies are as invested in the success of their customers

Nor can they satisfy the plethora of needs many businesses have, like we do. In a world of endless options, choose the wristband/identification solutions company that makes it clear you are their number one priority… choose Artemax!