Artemax Wristbands: Keeping Your Business Running Smoothly

For many businesses to be successful, it requires going beyond having a great product, service, or event. You may have something that customers want, but how are you tracking the actual numbers of your business to know you’re moving in the right direction?

Where tickets, vouchers, and raffle tear-offs create more work for businesses, Artemax wristbands make things simple. Below, we share examples of how businesses are simplifying their operations and growing their business with our wristbands.

top ways we see businesses using our wristbands

So how do actual businesses find real benefit in using wristbands? Let’s break it down using the most common categories.


When a customer enters your business or uses your service, do you have a way to account for that customer? If you have a capacity restriction or will need to pay vendors based on your attendance, tracking this metric is crucial. Common businesses include gymnastics/tumbling facilities, agri-tainment like pumpkin patches and more. 

We recommend: Tyvek® wristbands


For businesses such as wineries, special events, tailgates, etc., your customer has paid the price for a special package of products or services. If there is overconsumption at your event, it can cost you in legal trouble as well as affect your inventory for your other guests. Both situations create a headache that can easily be avoided.

We recommend: vinyl cash tab or plastic wristbands

Upgraded Access

Your customers love to feel special and made clear they are your priority. Instead of wasting time with a guest list at your VIP section, assign these individuals with Artemax wristbands when they first enter your event. This will eliminate any potential confusion or frustration, as well as keep out those individuals who did not pay for VIP access. 

We see these types of wristbands also at fairs for managing ride tickets, as well as agri-tainment businesses like pumpkin farms, etc.

We recommend: Tyvek® wristbands

Sponsorship Advertising

Student organizations, universities, and nonprofits rely heavily on the success of their special events to be able to keep doing their work. With our endless customization options, we can help you design a wristband that highlights your sponsors while also delivering a message for your guests to remember. Logos, custom text, and even graphics can all be added to your wristbands for a unique touch.

We recommend: silicone or plastic

improve your business' efficiency with wristbands

When you run your own business, you’re always striving to lower your expenses. This way, you’re able to grow the products or services you offer. A great place to start is with the efficiency. A common customer of ours are trampoline parks. Each child pays for hourly access, and this helps maintain profitability as well as manage capacity.

Colored wristbands for each day, and even each two-hour access window, make it incredibly easy to know when a child’s time in the park is up. The fact that wristbands comfortably go on your wrist means you won’t have lost tickets or stickers, too. All of our wristband materials are waterproof, meaning you’ll rarely deal with wet or lost ticket complaints.

Probably one of the coolest ways our wristbands are used is at the Shedd Aquarium. If you have a high-traffic feature such a stingray touch tank, why not make the experience even more memorable with a special wristband? You can give your customers something they can wear for weeks or months with a great story about your business tied to it.

We recommend: silicone or Tyvek®

the more you know about your customer, the better

Using Artemax identification wristbands for your business means a better eye on your bottom line. The more you know about how a typical customer uses your services or product, the better you can plan for the next event, quarter, or year. For many businesses, they’re able to sell higher sponsorships when they know the size of the crowd they are able to draw and serve.

Don’t think we forgot to mention security – one of the top uses of our wristbands. Our vinyl and plastic wristbands simply can’t be removed without damaging the wristband. This is a no-brainer way to prevent the transfer of your wristbands to unpaid attendees, and help your security team better manage any admission issues.

We know your business is more than just how you manage it. However, Artemax believes every business has an unlimited potential with the right tools. Let us help you get started with increased security, efficiency, and profit with the right wristbands. Contact us today to get started with the right wristband solution for your business needs.