Building Artemax Culture: One Company Carnival at a Time

Part of having a great work environment is taking time to get outside to connect with each other outside of work projects - and having some fun, too. That’s why every year, we take an afternoon off in the summer for our Artemax carnival. Below we share some of our favorite highlights, and great photos of all of the fun.

Artemax Company Carnival

As both office and production employees started to make their way to the carnival action, their first step was to sign-up for our big company raffle.

What were the prizes, you ask? Well, Isabella was the lucky winner of the ultimate Green Bay Packer fan bundle. She took home two Packer game tickets and an array of tailgating accessories for an awesome trip to Green Bay in the upcoming season.

If baseball tailgating is more of your taste, then you will wish you won Adolfo’s prize. He took home a brand-new Weber grill and a cooler to keep all of his beverages ice cold at this summer’s Brewers games.

In addition to these two big winners, there were plenty of other prizes that our employees were excited to take home including a Fit Bit, Wisconsin State Fair tickets, t-shirts, etc. Once everyone entered the raffle and won some prizes, it was time for some friendly competition.

For Artemax's 2018 carnival, we wanted to have a handful of activities and games to help our people have a laugh or two while enjoying a nice summer day. In one corner, we had a friendly tug-of-war match, in the other corner were tricycle races.

Artemax Company Carnival

Then we had our main event: our dunk tank. This year, our president was the first to volunteer for the dunk tank, and while he made his way to the bench, our team gathered around to cheer on fellow employees as they aimed for the big, red dunk button.

Artemax Company Carnival

As you can see, we have some very talented pitchers on our Artemax team and it wasn’t long before our president – and our other two employees who volunteered to be dunked – fell in with a splash. 

Artemax Company Carnival

After the dunk tank, it was time to grab some food, catch up with one another, and cool down with a snow cone or two. Also – who could pass up fresh, Mexican-style corn on the cob, cotton candy made on the spot, and good old-fashioned corn dogs?  

All in all, it was a great afternoon for Artemax employees and staff, and we wouldn't have been able to pull it off without our hard-working and creative volunteers. We can't wait for next year's carnival!


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