FOX 6 Real Milwaukee Gets Hands-On With Artemax Wristbands

Introducing brian kramp to the world of wristbands

Brian Kramp from FOX 6’s Real Milwaukee live segment aims to showcase local businesses that bring something unique or special to the community. 

FOX 6 Real Milwaukee visits Artemax

That includes learning about us at Artemax - the second-largest producer of festival, sporting event, and cause awareness wristbands in the world. We invited Brian to have a hands-on tour of our production facility and show him just how many well-known destinations and events rely on Artemax wristbands.

FOX6 Real Milwaukee visits Artemax

If you've visited the Milwaukee County Zoo, Sprecher Brewery, or even the SuperBowl, you've witnessed first-hand how our wristbands support businesses and organizations all over the country.

who uses artemax wristbands? 

Artemax has always been motivated to be the leader in manufacturing identification wristbands – even back in 1995 when the business was first started. Now in 2018, we’re producing five million wristbands each day from our in-house supply of high-quality raw Tyvek®, plastic, and vinyl materials. If you’re wondering where those five million wristbands end up, check out the FOX 6 Real Milwaukee segment below.

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