How Do We Keep Artemax Employees Happy? We Keep the Lunch Hour FUN!

If you were to poll employees across different companies, you most likely would find that their lunch hour is – well – unremarkable. Perhaps they head to a nearby cafĂ© for an overpriced sandwich, or bring their own lunch to eat in a cramped breakroom. Either way, we believe it’s an opportunity for employers to offer something to their hardworking team, and that’s exactly what we do at Artemax. 

Did you know that artemax has an on-site cafeteria?


We’ve been offering complimentary lunch to all of our employees in our on-site cafeteria for years – and to all of our employees delight. Our lunch room creates a setting where socializing across departments and making new work friends is easy, therefore improving the quality of everyone’s work day. Keep reading to learn what delicious food you could be enjoying as a member of Team Artemax.

what's on the menu?


We try to keep the menu both consistent and full of new items. For example, every week you can expect Taco Tuesday, where you can build your own hard- or soft-shell tacos, or get creative and put together your own twist on a burrito bowl or nachos. We provide all the fixings so that you can create something new each week.

You might be surprised just how many Artemax employees call baseball their favorite sport – especially the Milwaukee Brewers. It explains why we love doing a tailgate style “grill day” on our menu as soon as Spring Training begins. We have a handful of very talented grill masters on Team Artemax to help with grilling duties, including: Ashley, Pat, Steve, Dawn, Mike, and Alex. It’s a team effort to make this special lunch every week and we appreciate their talents and contributions.


Aside from tailgating season, we also like to bring something special to our lunch menu with the holidays. Since we’re based in the Midwest, we can’t help but love the comfort foods of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons such as prime rib and holiday cookies. Around Easter, we enjoy putting together a mini feast with homemade mashed potatoes and gravy and delicious ham. And who doesn't love skewers on the Fourth of July?


Are you wondering yet what our employees’ favorite menu item is? Time and time again, we hear from people that they look forward to Thursdays, when we bring out our smoker for pulled pork or ribs. You can’t blame them – they always turn out delicious!

employees tell us it's not just about free food


Sure – the free meals, soda, ice cream, and popcorn are nice extras to an otherwise average break or lunch hour, but our cafeteria is more about community than it is about food for our employees. With big community tables and comfortable couches, our employees have a chance to socialize, relax, and even watch the big game on our big screen TVs. Our cafeteria and fun room provide a space to mingle with co-workers outside of their team or department, and help new employees feel at home in their first couple of weeks.

Additionally, we have picnic tables and umbrellas outside for enjoying lunch and breaks outside in the warmer months. With summer being such a short season for us in Wisconsin, our team especially enjoys this added benefit to our on-site cafeteria.

Of course, we offer a dozen other great benefits to our employees that you will enjoy in addition to our on-site cafeteria such as: 401k with company match, comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance plans and employee referral incentives. However, we wanted to share a few of the unique ways that we make Artemax a fun place to work day in and day out.

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