How Team Artemax Enjoys the Holidays

Around the holiday season, it feels extra festive around Artemax. As we get closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, we thought it was a great time to share what makes it so great for so many of our employees.

Below, we share a quick Q&A with a few members of our Artemax team. We hope you appreciate hearing what makes our employees so special and unique.

Alyssa - Customer Service Rep 

Q: What are you excited for at this year’s Thanksgiving?
A: I love cooking at Thanksgiving. Every year I make my grandmother’s wild rice recipe, and it was a hit at last year’s Friendsgiving. It was the only dish that everyone took a second scoop from!

Taylor - Digital Press Tech

Q: What food are you most looking forward to at Thanksgiving?
A: Mashed potatoes. Every year, the amount of mashed potatoes takes up the largest spot on the table. Almost as big as my desk!

Inessa - Accounting Assistant

Q: What is about Thanksgiving that you really enjoy?
A: Sitting at the table with all of my family – without our phones!

Jason - Business Operations Specialist

Q: What does a Thanksgiving “done right” look like at your house?
A: There are four essentials: turkey, stuffing, green beans, and a humongous spoonful of mashed potatoes.

With Thanksgiving on the Mind...

With Thanksgiving on the mind, we can’t help but also get excited for the Artemax Holiday Party that we will have in January. In the meantime, here are a few fun photos of our 2017 party. The photo booth was a hit!

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