Team Artemax Hits It Out of the Park at This Year's Company Tailgate Event


We’re proud to say we have many sports fans at Team Artemax, and our annual baseball tailgating event at Miller Park is always a hit. Are you wondering what goes into our great company events? We’re about to share exactly that! Below you’ll read about all of the tailgating favorites we’re bringing along for the big day at Miller Park.

What Goes into the annual artemax baseball tailgate event?

We want to acknowledge that every Artemax event we have put together in previous years has always been a group effort amongst our employees at all levels. We all want the best possible event for everyone to enjoy, and are willing to put in the work to make it exactly that. 


We wanted to make this year’s game extra special – so we customized Brewers t-shirts for everyone to wear throughout the day at Artemax and at the game. We think they turned out great!

After shopping for all of our employees’ favorite tailgating snacks, such as burgers and brats, chips and dip, and some sweet treats, it was time to pack up and head to Miller Park. How did we get there, you ask? On a good old-fashioned school bus! 


this year's artemax tailgate had record attendance


We know our employees love a trip to Miller Park, but we didn’t expect 100 out of 145 of our employees to RSVP! This group made for our largest and arguably the best - group yet.


Now you’re probably wondering…did our home team - the Milwaukee Brewers - win? Sadly, despite our insistent cheering, they did not take home the win against the St. Louis Cardinals. But that didn’t diminish the good time we had socializing, enjoying the sunshine through the open roof of the Miller Park stadium, or our love for our favorite Brewers players.


We enjoyed planning this get together for our employees – it allowed us to spend quality time socializing with our coworkers, and it brings our manufacturing and office teams together in one spot for fun. We hope you enjoyed our recap of this year’s main event, and if Artemax seems like the team you want to play on, make sure you check out our Careers page. There you can find our available positions, or even contact us if you don’t see an opening. We'd love to hear from you!