Team Artemax is Built with Hard Work and Passionate People

At Artemax, success is achieved through the hard work of a professional team committed to providing best-in-class identification solutions to customers worldwide. Our production facility is home to passionate individuals whose service allows Artemax to retain industry leadership through quality product offerings, fast turnaround times, and competitive pricing. Below we shine a light on just a few of the many valued employees across our inventory, production, and shipping departments, that further demonstrate just how talented and important our people are here at Artemax.

meet jeremy: our Inventory Control specialist


The average fit adult walks about 10,000 steps per day, but our Inventory Control Specialist Jeremy averages about 16,000 on Artemax's campus. This is because he is responsible for receiving all the packages of supplies and materials arriving to our warehouse. He is also our fork lift operator, so he is constantly moving material from the stock to production area for use. It is through his steady receiving process that we are able to supply our production lines with the raw materials needed to execute the high volume of wristbands we manufacture on a daily basis. Additionally, Jeremy manages inventory levels to ensure accuracy in our systems and further avoid discrepancies that can create issues later on.

When Jeremy isn’t overseeing supply levels and busy running around our 80,000 ft², temperature-controlled facility, he is most often found spending time with his wife and two young children. This summer, he’s looking forward to his oldest son’s first tee-ball season, as well as the addition of his third child- finally a girl!

meet matt: our plate technician/press operator


Without Jeremy’s work on the receiving/inventory side of the business, Artemax press operators would need to track down goods and necessities on their own, thus diverting time and attention away from their duties and adversely affecting production rates. But with the right resources readily available, team members like Matt are able to stay focused and effective.

Matt is our Plate Technician/Press Operator, and he plays an important role for all other presses and fellow press operators. Once a press is running and producing wristbands, we want the process of switching jobs - or switching to a new wristband design - to be as seamless as possible. This is where Matt’s extreme attention to detail comes into play.

In the photo above, you can see Matt staging, otherwise known as fitting, the print cylinders for the press machines. Each time there is a new custom design ready to be produced, Matt is tasked with ensuring the print cylinder is prepped and ready to go for the press operators to grab. He is incredibly proficient in this procedure, so much so that he may prep and stage anywhere from five to 50 different print cylinders in a single day at Artemax.

meet justin: our shipping supervisor


Organization and communication are vital to the success of Artemax's fully functioning warehouse, so ensuring the right inventory is selected and packed is a big part of this. Our Shipping Supervisor, Justin, knows this very well, for he works to maintain the integrity of the distribution process, seeing that it is done accurately through the use of our proprietary pick ticket system. After a wristband order has been produced, our team members work to organize and stock the product properly. Once it comes time for orders to be shipped to customers, Justin steps in to facilitate and confirm the merchandise is pulled and packaged from Artemax shelves correctly.

When you factor in holidays, inclement weather, and rush orders, staying on schedule can sometimes prove challenging- especially when your department averages 750 packages per day. This is why Justin’s primary responsibility is to maintain an efficient workflow for the entire Artemax shipping department, further guaranteeing delivery deadlines are met consistently each and every day.

In his spare time, Justin loves to cook and barbecue, using his favorite smoker to make delicious brisket, chicken, and turkey meals for family and friends. We look forward to a taste at our annual, summer tailgating event for the Milwaukee Brewers!

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Jeremy, Matt, and Justin are just some of the numerous hardworking, dedicated, and skilled members working on the Artemax team. To learn more about joining our organization, visit our Career page for the latest open positions. Additionally, to stay in the know on company activities and updates, be sure to follow us via social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.