What is it Like to be Apart of the Artemax Team?

We love our team at Artemax. That’s why we want to share a get-to-know feature on a few of our office and production employees, highlights from our company events, and give a few reasons of why you should join the Artemax team, too. We have some great, new employment opportunities so make sure you check them out at the end of this blog post. 

Meet Jenai – she is our talented Printing Associate on our production team

What do you like most about your job? It’s fast-paced, so I’m kept busy and never bored.
What is your go-to midnight snack? Frosted Flakes cereal with thinly sliced bananas.
Do you have a secret talent? I speak a little French. I was even able to practice while in Europe last year.

Let us introduce Kerri – our Staff Accountant

What is your favorite family tradition? Easter egg hunts
What is the last book you read? Breaking Silence (written by her daughter and her classmates)
What is your go-to coffee order? Soy latte

Say hello to Amber – our offset press assistant

What is the last book you read? Raven
What is your go-to midnight snack? Dark chocolate
Do you have a secret talent? Not many people know I make jewelry and also paint.

Now that you know how great our employees are...

We want to share all of the great memories we've had together as a team.

Each summer, the Artemax team throws on their Brewers’ jerseys and heads to Miller Park for a ball game. Our tailgate tent is always full of delicious food, fun games, and this particular year’s game had a special visitor: the Brewers’ Racing Sausages.

Aside from a yearly Brewers game as a team, we also host a summer carnival on-site. Below are a few highlights from this year’s carnival as well as past years. Our bags competition, cotton candy machine, and grilled corn on the cob were just some of the highlights.

Lastly, we plan a yearly holiday party for all of our employees to attend where they can socialize and be merry, of course.

We hope to see you join our ever-growing Artemax team and take part in our quarterly employee-appreciation events. Want to keep in touch? Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.